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We specialize in quality powder coating, metal fabrication coating and custom power coating for rims.

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Transit Powder Coating

Metal Fabrication Coating

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Transit Powder Coating | Smartt Innovations Inc.

If you have automobile, motorcycle, or even bicycle parts in need of transit powder coating, look no further than Smartt...

Metal Fabrication Coating | Smartt Innovations Inc.

Do you have a metal fabrication you need custom coated? If so, call on the experts in the Elkhart area. We have the...

Custom Powder Coating | Smartt Innovations Inc.

If you’re lucky enough to own a racecar, hot rod, or motorcycle and need the best in custom powder coating, come to...

If you care about your parts and want the color done right, we have you covered at Smartt Innovations Inc. Give us a call (574) 266-5432, or stop by our office today!

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We Have You Covered

If you have a hot rod, race car, motorcycle, or just a set of nice rims in the Elkhart area and need a great custom powder coating; look no further than Smartt Innovations of Elkhart, IN to get the job done right. We perform quality transit powder coating for bicycle and automobile parts as well, plus we can perform metal fabrication coating on your metals. At Smartt Innovations Inc. we are the innovative power coating experts.

At Smartt Innovations Inc. we have the fastest turnaround time you will find in the area. We perform high quality work and have lots of stock color choices; not just black and white like our competitors. No job is too small or too big. We do it all!

We’ve been performing high quality metal work and custom coating in the Elkhart area for years. We always aim for 100% customer satisfaction, so use us for your next metal coating job and become another in a long line of satisfied customers.

We specialize in:

• Quality transit powder coating
• The best metal fabrication coating
• Custom powder coating for hot rods, race cars, motorcycles and rims

For your Elkhart, IN custom metal coating job, call the experts at Smartt Innovations today, or stop by our office!